RHEL6.8 will not boot at all with GRID K2 Installed!

We have a GRID K2 RAF card that, when inserted into the server (ProLiant DL580 G8) won’t allow Linux to boot at all. We tried installing Redhat using DVD and the system hangs during hardware discovery with the GRID adapter in place. We had to remove the card to install RHEL. Once RHEL6.8 was fully installed and working, we tried inserting the card again - and, once again, the system would not boot at all!

This makes installing the driver and any other action impossible when using GRID K2 with RHEL6.8.

IT’s worth checking the knowledge base and release notes as there are some known issues in RHEL 7.0 and earlier such as http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4165/kw/rhel%20grid