Road Folowing with the JetRacer

I am trying to get the Jetracer to complete the Road Following mission. After I run the Interactive Regression notebook and save the Road_Following_Model file, I then run the Road Following notebook, however all the jetracer will do is turn to the right and drive in a circle. the documentation for this project is very limited. Does anyone know what I might be missing.

I have the same issue with the Road Following example. Collected data on a small 36x48” oblong road, and trained on my Jetson Nano, my drunken jetbot doesn’t even wobble on a straight path and goes in circles right away. I retrained with 500 photos and still doesn’t work.

My (next) baby step probably will be to train on a long straight path with targets pointing to infinity from different angles and see how to manipulate the different steering sliders. I also plan to straighten the road’s arches and reduce the curve in my turns. Others’ videos of Road Following made it look too easy, and I’m interested in learning how data collection is done on JetPack 4.3. Hopefully someone can provide more tips.