ROS and Inference on Jetson Nano simultaneously?

Has anyone tried running ROS and an inference model on the Jetson Nano 4GB simultaneously? Might sound obvious but I’m just wondering if the Jetson Nano is powerful enough to run both.

I want to build a bot that can navigate by using the RPLiDAR A1 sensor and also using a RPi camera for facial recognition. Any links to how-to’s, documentation, or general advice is much appreciated.

Please check those projects sharing at For all parents - about my “BabyWatcher” with Jetson Nano - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Projects - NVIDIA Developer Forums to see if can find something interesting as your reference.

Hi @hortonjared90 - yes, you can run ROS with deep learning inference. Check out these inference nodes for ROS at GitHub - dusty-nv/ros_deep_learning: Deep learning inference nodes for ROS / ROS2 with support for NVIDIA Jetson and TensorRT

Those nodes don’t include facial recognition, but can do classification, object detection, and semantic segmentation. There are also several ROS-based projects at

Which distribution of ROS are you using?

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