ROs1 publish Bbox2D vs ROS1 Camera Helper

I am trying to get Bounding Box information from Isaac sim. When i use the camera helper node in action graph, i am able to get the image. However, when i select Bbox2D tight form the options, reload the scene and run the simulation, the rostopic is essentially empty. Image has been attached. I was wondering what is the purpose of ROS1 publish Bbox2d and how to use it? I want to get the bounding box coordinates, as well as the labels with it for my application.

@a.imrantw To get the labels make sure enableSemanticLabels is checked in the CameraHelper. Please ensure to set a topic name in the semanticLabelsTopicName field.

The semantic label id is found in the message screenshot that you posted under “results”. And the corresponding bbox center (x, y) and size info is given below it.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can clarify.

Thank you very much for your response. I am having issue where the timestamps and headerstamps are not being printed inside the ROS topics of images and bounding boxes. How can i resolve that?

Which version of Isaac Sim are you using? If you aren’t already could you try running with the latest version Isaac Sim 2023.1.1?
I can confirm that timestamps are included in the Bbox messages that are being published.

I created the simulation setup in an older version of Isaac Sim (2022.X). I have updated to the latest version. I noticed that some nodes and details changed in 2023.X and to the best of my knowledge I changed all of them. Is is possible for you to provide me with a checklist of things that I should do in order to successfully create a ROS1 pipeline to get bboxes with timestamps? I might help me identify the mistake. Thanks a lot for the assistance.

Hi @a.imrantw,

I think the only difference for you now is you can replace the 3 nodes upstream of the Camera Helper node with the Isaac Create Render Product node and connecting that to the Camera Helper node directly. In the newest version of IsaacSim you no longer need to have a viewport open so these nodes can be replaced by the Isaac Create Render Product node which directly assigns the camera to the render product.