ROS2 Bridge losing "connection"

Hi everybody,

I have a setup with a robot in Isaac Sim and a navigation stack using ROS2. I experience issues when restarting the navigation stack. It seems when I restart it, messages from Isaac Sim are not received anymore. For example, when I subscribe to the /clock topic with ros2 topic echo /clock, and have the Isaac Sim simulation running, I receive messages in the beginning, but upon restarting the ROS stack, the echo command does not output anything anymore. No error messages in the Isaac Sim log.

I have to deactivate/reactivate the ROS2 bridge in Isaac Sim and restart the simulation in order to get things in sync again.

Any suggestions what the cause of the problem could be and how to resolve it?

Kind regards

Have also experienced this

I have also experienced this.

We don’t have any suggestions/solutions currently. We are working on providing support for humble, and hopefully some of these network related issues are resolved there.