RSS Workshops July 12 – July 16

Greeting all Isaac Gym users,
We will be hosting several interesting workshops at RSS conference this year: July 12 – July 16

If you have an interesting project running on Isaac Gym and want to share in this workshop, please reply in this thread.

Hi, @ltorabi .

Will these workshops be open for the listeners(not presenters)?

Hi Kirill,
Yes, I believe is open for listeners.


Will these recordings be released? I could not find recordings on the website.

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Hi whzeng98,

thanks for your interest. we will soon post the recordings on you tube, and share the link here.


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Do you have a date for when you’ll post the recordings? (I’ve been putting off learning Isaac Gym so that I can learn it through the recordings) Thanks!

the recordings will be posted tomorrow Aug 6th

Excellent! Could you please post a link?

Here is the link to the videos on youtube: