RTX 3090 TI causing screen to crackle and then go black

Below I explain the issue and what I’ve been doing for a work around. I would like to not use the work around method because it requires me to open the NVIDIA X Server Settings everytime I reboot.

Normal condition: Boot up desktop, don’t do anything, fans on GPU aren’t spinning, at a random time the screen will start to have a crackling look and will become very glitchy, then after some more time the screen will go black and haven’t found anyway of recovering it other than a hard shutdown and reboot. I can speed up the time it takes to get a black screen by running a ML training job, but it crashes when it’s doing nothing too.

Work around: Boot up desktop, open NVIDIA X Server Setting → Thermal Settings → Enable GPU Fan Setting → set both fans to 100% and apply. This seems to fix the issue. A few times it still crashes soon after, but works most of the time.

Questions: What’s going on here? Why aren’t the GPU fans spinning automatically? Is there a way to have the GPU fans set to 100% on boot up?

I can provide videos from my phone if that would be of any help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your gpu is broken, please check your warranty status.
As soon as it gets warm, it breaks. Setting the fans to full speed only works around this by keeping it very cool but this won’t help in the long run.