RTX A40 and "displaymodeselector tool"


I wrote with this issue to support already, but have no answer.

We bought RTX A40 cards and want to use them in a virtual production environment with the display ports activated.
For this to work we need the “displaymodeselector tool” as mentioned in several documents. However, this tool is only available via request.

Can any one help me with this, as we are sitting on the cards and cant use them without the ports activated to their full potential right now.

Thank You

Same issue here. Sent out a few emails to NVIDIA. Any luck?

Edit: I got this sorted. Talk to NVIDIA.

Same issue here. Will ask NVIDIA for support.

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The tool is available here: NVIDIA Display Mode Selector Tool | NVIDIA Developer

Register with a “work email” i.e. not gmail/outlook etc and approval should be automatic.