Run Isaac Sim on OV and connect to UE

Hello, I want to integrate Isaac Sim my simulation environment in UE on Linux. Because Isaac Sim is ran on Linux and UE Connector is ran on Windows, how can I use both of them on Linux?

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Hi. You will need at two machines to do this. Run UE and the Connector on Windows and turn on Live Sync. On Linux, run Isaac Sim with Live Sync too. Both the Connector and Isaac Sim to be connected to the same Nucleus server. This Nucleus server can be hosted on either of the Windows or Linux machines.

Guide on how to enable sharing for Nucleus: Workstation — Omniverse Nucleus documentation

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Thanks for your reply, but I have only one computer and I want to run everything at once. Can I run UE in Linux and the Connector in Docker? Will there be Connect on Linux?

At the moment we do not yet have an Unreal Engine Connector for Linux. This is being tracked internally with issue OM-1663. Thanks for your questions and interest!

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