Windows support


I know in the documentation is specified that Linux is the only OS supported, but I tried to run IsaacSim UnrealEngine integration on windows and I was able to compile (only issues were with UnrealVersionSelector project) and start UE, but I thinks I have problems with IsaacSimProject. It seems to be missing some files, I only have “Content” and “Plugins”. I Tried to create a new project and copy over those folders, with no luck. I can open the RobotBuilder map, but It’s empty and the level blueprint is full of compilation errors. Since UE is cross platform, I’ve hoped that I could run at least that part.

I need it to run on Windows because all my workflow depends on that O.S.

Is there a way to make it work or does anyone know if there is any plan to support it?
In case it might help, I had great problems in the download phase, the setup.bat kept freezing only to suddenly jump ahead a few minutes later, could it be worth repeating all the process from the beginning?


Hi Pixel452,

Yes, you are right UE4 is cross platform. The reason Isaac Sim is only supported on Linux is that Isaac SDK only runs on Lunux, and therefore the bridge that speaks to Isaac SDk is Linux based. But if you don’t want any connection with Isaac SDK, there might be a way to run it on windows.

Hope this helps,

Hi Liila,

My objective is to simulate a robotic arm (manipulator), among other things, that will be part of an automated production line. I already did other virtual simulations using UE4 and it has been very helpful.

Do you think is possible to run UE4 on Windows and have a Linux VM for the SDK? I haven’t looked at it yet, but if the SDK could send commands at the robot controller it will be perfect for my case. If it can, I could then develop the code on Linux, but I need the simulation to be on Windows for now.

I will let you know if I solve the issue.

Thanks for helping me.

I was able to make it work, the problem was the setup.bat, for some reason it failed to download everything last time. Even now, though, it was incredibly slow.

Looking forward to use this amazing new tool.

Hi Pixel452,

I am glad you got it working!
I hope you will enjoy it.
It shouldn’t be slow on Windows, actually is much faster on windows compare to linux.

Let us know if you still have problems,