Running Isaac Sim jupyter notebook files from NVIDIA's course on local machine

The NVIDIA isaac sim course had some jupyter notebook file tutorials, but I am having a hard time running them on my local machine. For example, the isaac sim documentation states that there should be a call to world.render() when working with jupyter notebook, but the files for the course don’t make such a function call. I was able to successfully follow the online isaac sim documentation for running jupyter notebook files (i.e. using SimulationApp function and world.render) but could not get the hello_world tutorial from the course to run on my local machine. Is it because of the telnet method for executing the jupyter notebook cells?

Just wanted to +1 this question. Having some clear instructions on how to run the course locally would be a big help. This telnet interface seems a bit clunky, and I often need to restart the sim when there are errors in my python code.

In my ideal world, I’d come away from the course being able to actually run things locally, as that’s how most people are probably going to work.

Hi @justinvf , can you please share the link of the course and screenshots of error in order to help you?

This was " Introduction to Robotic Simulations in Isaac Sim"

The communication method between the jupyter notebook and the Isaac Sim instance was to use telnet… I think that has been supplanted with something newer. I haven’t been able to get smooth interaction with Jupyter and Isaac Sim to work properly though.

Can you confirm that this telnet approach at least is no longer the correct way to do this?

Hi @justinvf are you able to follow the instructions here: 1. Hello World — Omniverse Robotics documentation ?