Running Isaac Sim with a proxy

I am running Isaac Sim as a Python standalone application. The ethernet being used requires a proxy to be set up. How do we set up a proxy to be run with Isaac Sim? I encounter errors with connecting to localhost and the online Amazon AWS server when downloading assets on the ethernet.

I know it exists for the launcher Using a Proxy Server — launcher latest documentation but it doesn’t work for Isaac Sim.

Tick: authentication: Discovery(wss://localhost/omni/discovery): Error creating Api/Connection search: Not connected

@replicator.user.123 it’s from almost a year old, but seems like it’s not supported per this post from the dev. unless things have changed over the last year, it could still be the case.

Hi @Simplychenable - Thank you for sharing the post from the past.
Hi @replicator.user.123 - That post provides the answer. Isaac Sim does not supporting proxy server.