Running - error on ./samples for host machine

We are running Nvidia Volta AMI in aws and when running ./sample_helloworld on host machine it is failing with below error… cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I have seen in other post that drivers are needed but unsure what they are on this instance.

Thank you

Dear jweathers,
Can you please move this topic to GPU related forum. This forum is intended for Drive platform related queries.

This is correct. This question is for the driveworks platform on PX2.

Dear jweathers,
It looks like NVIDIA GPU drivers are not setup on your PC. Can you please install them and check.

Posting on my findings:

I was able to use AWS EC2 with Ubuntu 14.4 LTS instance and ran into login loop issues with my instance.

I found this gist: and followed it step by step with help downloading my drivers and resolving my login loop problem.

Hope this helps someone.