Samples for patch-based stereo, and structure-from-motion?

I remember at one point seeing samples for patch-based stereo, and probably also SfM, to run on the Jetson.
However, I can’t quite find them now. While jetson-inference runs great, I’d like to also apply those other techniques into a unified whole solution.
What file names should I be looking for?
Or is there some blog post / webinar / sample download I should be looking at?

To answer my own question: The samples live in the VisionWorks SDK.
There is actually a separate visionworks-sfm install, because SfM is apparently not mature enough to be full-release yet.

An alternative is to use ORB_SLAM2, which seems to be approximately the state of the art for open source SLAM/stereo/SFM solutions.
It uses OpenCV 2.4; I don’t know how much/well it will use the GPU for what it does. (But I suppose I shall find out!)

Hi snarky, good that you have identified VisionWorks SDK as a source of vision/SfM samples.

In addition to ORB_SLAM2, you may also want to look into RTAB-Map. It has ROS node available which some members of the community have used.

Also PCL (Point Cloud Library) includes CUDA acceleration and can be compiled for Jetson. You may find this GitHub repo useful for building maps from LIDAR / ICP-SLAM and GPU Computing in Robotics.

Thanks, those are good resources!

Has anyone tried installing COLMAP (Its an impressive structure from motion library ) on the jetson ? I have been trying to compile it the past couple of days but no success.