Screen flash after change display scale

I get a rog strix g17 (AMD7985HX/AMD Radeon™ 610M/RTX 4060) recently and installed Ubuntu 23.04. Today I change display scale from 150% to 200% and disabled fractional scaling. Then the screen start to flash.

It’s more likely to happen when play youtube video, and sometimes if I don’t move mouse then it keeps white. I tried removing the 535 driver and nothing changed. More strange this happens during I reinstall Ubuntu. So I assume this is a hardware issue but everything looks fine under windows. FurMark and gaming doesn’t have any problem. Later I find that if I switch nvidia on demond to nvidia only then it stop flashing. However, when I change scale the setting window is buggy.

Here is the log and thanks for any help!
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (429.1 KB)