Screen freezes randomly on Nvidia Quadro P2000, driver 470.63.01

I have a problem with drivers - screen freezes when I do something.
A few weeks ago (as I remember) probably after driver update (at that time I used to use Debian 10), my screen started freezing randomly - sometimes a few seconds after logging in, also when I watched video in a web browser and at the same time clicked on volume button on taskbar. Then I moved mouse, but cursor on screen didn’t even moved. Also, when I ran a game, screen freezed at loading and I had to reset my PC using reset button on the computer case. My PC was completely unusable.
A few days ago, I installed Debian 11 and drivers using apt command (driver version was probably 460) and nothing changed. When I moved quickly between tabs in system settings app (I use KDE), the system freezed once again. Recently, I uninstalled the driver, downloaded from Nvidia’s website version 470.63.01 and installed the new one. It’s a little bit better but my system also freezes. I have to fix that as soon as possible, because I have only one computer and I use it for work.nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (274.0 KB)