Screen Tearing Effect

Hi all,

I’m working on a Unity game, and in it I want a sort of glitchy, break-the-fourth-wall effect. So far I’ve got a couple of post processing effects to achieve this, but something I really want to create is some kind of screen tearing effect. If possible I’d like to be able to localise the effect to one part of the screen, perhaps a particular quad that I put a special material on like I would with glass.

I’ve tried asking about this on the Unity forums, but there aren’t an awful lot of great programmers active on there, so I thought I’d try on a graphics forum instead. Does anyone have any ideas?


Did You ask on GameDev forums? :)

As I see it You want a PP effect be drawn to a speciefied quad on the screen, not the whole screen. Did You try tricks with texture coordinates? Like drawing changed pixels only inside a selected quad, while the rest left unchanged?