SDK Manager Issues

Trying to install NVIDIA Drive on a system and got the warning to update to the newest sdk manager. The system is currently trying to install sdkmanager_1.3.0-7105_amd64.deb.

However, when launching the updated version, it keeps showing I need to install the newest version which it is already installed. Also when closing the warning and entering the sudo password, it says it is incorrect but it is correct.

any advise on how to go around this?

Dear @jpvans,
I have tested upgrading from sdkamanager 1.2 to sdkmanager 1.3. I dont see any issue.
It has asked me to enter host password to finish installation. I could see new version of sdkmanager after logged in. Can you double check the password.
Otherwise, you can remove the sdkmanager and re-install sdkmanager 1.2 to proceed to flashing.

Dear @jpvans,
Can you provide any update. Do you still see the issue after restarting the sdkmanager?


I was forced to run the SDKManager in CLI mode, after that the GUI works fine.

Dear @jpvans,
We are looking into it and will have fix in next sdkm update.