SDK Manager on Docker: "losetup: system.img: failed to set up loop device"

Hi there,

I’m trying to flash my Jetson AGX Xavier developer kit for the first time. As my host system is Fedora 33, I chose the dockerised SDK manager.

On my first tries, I ran in some dependency-related issues:

error: [error]: : [exec_command]: /bin/bash -c /tmp/; [error]: /home/nvidia/nvidia/nvidia_sdk/JetPack_4.5.1_Linux_JETSON_AGX_XAVIER/Linux_for_Tegra/ line 95: xxd: command not found

Thankfully, I could solve the error analogue to this issue:

Now, I’m stuck at that error:

info: Making system.img...
error: losetup: system.img: failed to set up loop device:
error: No such file or directory`
info: mapping system.img to loop device failed.
info: *** ERROR: flashing failed.

I see this error may be related to:
flash TX2 OS eorror! Is Board Broken? .
However, I’m unsure how to solve this in the SDK manager docker image.

Any hints to a solution would be much appreciated!

losetup” requires certain kernel functions. Obviously it also requires the losetup program. This is entirely on host side, so the Jetson won’t have any relationship to this error existing or not. I am thinking that perhaps your kernel in the docker contain is not configured for loopback. If you are in docker and see you have the losetup program via “which losetup”, and if you can use sudo from the docker container (losetup allows query as non-root, but only root can create a loopback device), then the implication is that the kernel needs to be rebuilt to allow loopback.