Second monitor not showing signal


I recently changed my GPU to a 1080 Ti and I have a problem since, which causes that my second monitor not showing any signal when I launch Windows 11.

That second monitor is an AOC 75 hz 2560 x 1440 and only shows image when launching W11 if previously I configured its refresh rate to 60 hz. If I configure 75 hz, the only way to show image is if I extract de HDMI and putting it again (and just in SOME tries, when I ALT+P and select ‘‘extend’’ or ‘‘duplicate’’).

I tried much ways to solve this problem and nothing works (using CRU, reinstalling NVIDIA drivers, monitor drivers, Windows Update is up to date…). I have the HDMI connected to one splitter, but I tried connecting it directly to the monitor which does not work.

With my previous GPU (RX 5700) I had 0 problems, both monitors were detected instantly at W11 launch and I were capable to turn signal from one to another without issues (with the same HDMI), so the problem might be with the 1080 or Nvidia drivers.

For more information, my main monitor is an AOC UW (344X1440) 144 hz connected via Display port.

What else can I do? Any suggestions are appreciated.

Hello @darksturm16, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Is that a used 1080TI? Then the first thing to check would be the Hardware itself.

  • Switch the Monitors on the GPU and see if you see similar issues with changed configuration
  • Connect the AOC to a different output
  • Try a different HDMI cable
  • Check if only the AOC monitor alone works without issues in 75Hz

Things like that. In general the GPU has no problem driving your two monitors at those refresh rates.

For further questions I might suggest checking out the GeForce consumer forums where you will likely find more issues reported that are similar to your own.

Thanks for your answer, I will try some of your suggestions.