Seeking guidance with particle systems

Hello, my problem is the following: for a project I need to experiment with physical modeling based on particles(particle systems, particles that are bound to one another 2D and 3D) of different human organs (heart, stomach…) and use CUDA for accelerated rendering as well as computing the interaction with them (“pulling”, “hitting”, “cutting”). My problem is that I have no idea where to start with the “physical modeling based on particles” part, is there a library (possibly implemented with CUDA) that offers an abstraction for particles or something from where to start (some kind of introduction about how should I go about to tangle the subject) or is PhysX the answer to my problem? this is where I seek guidance from someone who has dealt with something like this before. Any help is welcomed (further keywords to search for , or if there is something to serve as a basis , documentation, I am not looking for a built particle engine, as I’ll imagine that I have to do the rendering myself based on the model ). I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section and if I did please redirect me to the correct section in the forum. Thank you.

Physical modelling based on particles -> Molecular Dynamics. That’s your keyword to search on, its a huge field. HOOMD-blue is the project I work on, it is the most general purpose CUDA based particle dynamics code out there. I don’t know if it is general enough for what you want to do, though.

Thank-you for the clarification , I will go check-it out