Segmented pointcloud with Isaac SDK

I noticed there is an option to get intensities from the simulated lidar. When I turn that on I get values of 1 for the entire pointcloud. Is this feature working?

More importantly. Can I obtain segmented clouds from Isaac given the different objects in the scene?

Hey Luis,
i was wondering too if there is a way to segment point cloud data in isaac sim. Have you found a solution for that in the meantime? cheers!

@fastblizzard @luis.valle Currently, there is no direct way of getting segmented point cloud from Isaac Sim

However, if you are using a camera sensor, Isaac Sim provides depth map and pixel-wise semantic segmentation synthetic data groundtruth. Point clouds can be computed from depth map and camera intrinsic/extrinsics which then combined with the pixel-wise semantic segmentation will provide you segmented point clouds.

Thanks a lot for the reply. That would have been my work around, too. Is there a chance that the camera parameters fx and fy are changed in the ros bridge ? Maybe I can open a new threat for this question.

Hi fastblizzard,

please open a new thread for this, so we can tag it correctly.

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