Server 2012r2 VOLTAIRE Infiniband PCI-E HCA 500EX-D Dual-Port Cards

Hi all,

Being going round in circles for a while now with this.

Windows Server 1) - Server 2012r2 VOLTAIRE Infiniband PCI-E HCA 500EX-D Dell R510 card in slot 3 PCI Gen2 X8

Single cable

Windows Server 2) - server 2012r2 VOLTAIRE Infiniband PCI-E HCA 500EX-D HP SE3126M1/DL160 G6 Slot 1 Gen2? X16

So I have two of theses cards both with firmware 2.9.100 installed.Connected port 1 to port 1 with a single cable.

I have installed Mellanox drivers and tried both IPoIB and Ethernet modes.

How do I get these cards to see each other?

In ethernet mode I have link connected (as in windows shows a network connection present), but I cannot ping or open shares etc, firewall is off on both machines and subnet is a totally different range ( and no gateways or dns set) normal network on 192.168.101 range

In IB mode, I can see the other side when I run ibnetdiscover and opensm says that the link is up, ibping is working… but no go on normal ping.

Am I trying the impossible or am I missing some clue that Google has not been able to find for me…

Any help much appreciated…