Server Connection Error

Need urgent help plz
I am trying to run [jetbot](

Every time I going to run the camera cell:
import traitlets
import ipywidgets.widgets as widgets
from IPython.display import display
from jetbot import Camera, bgr8_to_jpeg
camera = Camera.instance(width=224, height=224)
image = widgets.Image(format=‘jpeg’, width=224, height=224) # this width and height doesn’t necessarily have to match the camera
camera_link = traitlets.dlink((camera, ‘value’), (image, ‘value’), transform=bgr8_to_jpeg)

I am receiving this message.

Server Connection Error
A connection to the Jupyter server could not be established. JupyterLab will continue trying to reconnect. Check your network connection or Jupyter server configuration.

I spent lots of time to resolve the issue but no success. I do really appriciate if kindly advice me and help me to solve the issue.
My contact email:
Thank you in advance

Did you confirm the camera working on Nano?
You can run nvgstcapture-1.0 on Nano to confirm it.

Hi and thank you
Did you confirm the camera working on Nano?
Yes, it is connected and working.

You can run nvgstcapture-1.0 on Nano to confirm it.
Yes, it is OK and running. So, camera is working.

Yesterday, I just created an Virtual Environment on Jupyter Notebook named (py3cv4). Then when I run “data-collection” using VE, I had no more error regarding Server Connection as I reported in my first post. However, I got two more issues:

1- IP address on monitor gone and no more displays on the Jetbot Nano LED, although, still I have remote connection from other computer.

2- Most impotently now, I am getting new error, “ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘jetbot’”

I look forward hearing from you please as soon as you can. I need to start training section as soon as possible.

Thank you so much

Hi again ShanCCC
Do you have any new information for me, please?

Sorry, I don’t familiar with jetbot. Will have others to check this.


Thank you…and will wait for the other person…

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