Setting the min and max number of scattered objects in scatter_2d method in rep.randomizer

Previously, I had used Nvidia Deep Learning Dataset Synthesizer (NDDS) for creating my dataset for 3D object pose estimation. I was able to scatter objects into a plane and also randomize the number of scattered objects between a chosen min and max. I searched through replicator documentation but couldn’t find anything that could show this functionality and how to do that.

Are you able to add this functionality to scatter_2d or if it already exist can you please guide me how to use it?

Here’s an example from from
(base) mona@ard-gpu-01:~/.local/share/ov/pkg/isaac_sim-2022.2.0$ ls standalone_examples/replicator/ -rw-r--r-- 1 mona mona 21K Feb 2 21:33 standalone_examples/replicator/

    def scatter_boxes():
        cardboxes = rep.create.from_usd(
            prefix_with_isaac_asset_server(CARDBOX_URL), semantics=[("class", "Cardbox")], count=30
        with cardboxes:
            rep.randomizer.scatter_2d(scatter_plane, check_for_collisions=True)
        return cardboxes.node

So, for example instead of scattering 30 boxes, I want to scatter a random number uniformly between 10 and 30.