Setup in headless mode with no J25 power jack


My Jetson nano board has no J25 Power jack and it is not clear to me if I can still setup my board in headless mode if the J25 power jack is not available. In case yes, how to proceed?


Please check

Log in | NVIDIA Developer
3.4 Automation Header

There is debug UART in J50. You can use the interface to get debug log, and also login the system.

Hi @DaneLLL ,

Sorry, but is it possible or not to perform a headless setup of the Nano board even when the J25 power jack is not present? For me this is not clear from your answer

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If you don’t supply power from the J25 power jack, you would need to supply it through the USB micro B port. And then login the system through UART. Ideally this setup should be working.

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