Shift in MIPI-CSI2 frame (vertical) and line (horizontal) sync packet timing

Dear team,

We are using Jetson Orin to receive a video stream from a sensor with a MIPI CSI-2 interface. However, we cannot read the stream from Orin side yet and D-PHY prompted the “LP sequence Error”.

We probed the waveform on the lanes between the sensor and Orin, we found that the timing specifications in the long and short packets of CSI-2 are absolutely correct. But the timing of the frame and line sync packets seems to have been shifted.

As the figure 48, 49 shown in document provided by MIPI Alliance(MIPI Alliance Specification for Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2)), frame sync short packets should be in both side of frame data and the line sync short packets also. The line sync package is optional and we enable it on the sensor side.

The sync packets appeared on both sides of the data, but the packet timing is strange.

The frame end packet is always far away from the end of frame transmission, it always appears very close to the frame start packet of the next frame. In other words, the frame end packet did not appear at the end of the frame data transmission, but appear at the start of next frame.

The line start/end packet also seems strange.

There is always a long LP status hold after the line start packet is sent, before the line data. However, the end of line packet will appear as soon as the line data has finished.

We can confirm that this sensor was able to send correct CSI-2 data and correct sync packet timing when using other receivers.

Here, since the sensor driver is programmed by us referring to the document of Sensor Software Driver Programming from NVIDIA , we are wondering if there are any parameters in DTS that will cause the timing of the sync packet to shift?

If the incorrect timing of sync packet will affect the Orin to correct read the stream correctly?

Thanks a lot

Orin is receiver suppose don’t have any configure to impact the sensor output timing.

Thank you for your reply.

So are there any other parameters in DTS that can change the CSI2 waveform between the sensor and Orin (not only timing) ?

Sorry to tell there’s no this kind of configure.


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