Siemens NX Export to Omniverse won't open in USD Composer

There’s almost no information about this anywhere, and although I’ve mentioned this to some Siemens people I haven’t heard anything back.

When I try to use this function in Siemens NX:


I get the following error message in USD Composer:


The console says:

2023-09-29 07:25:30 [Error] [omni.kit.window.file.scripts.file_window] Failed to open stage C:/Users/robert/Documents/Omniverse Projects/#100000000-AS188 - Main assy - DC.usdz: Failed to open:C:/Users/robert/Documents/Omniverse Projects/#10000000-AS188 - Main assy - DC.usdz

(The file can, however be imported seemingly without issue into the regular version of Blender… though there doesn’t seem to be any custom normals support.)

how are you opening up the USDZ file in Composer? through drag and dropping or file > open? and presumably you are already on the newest 2023.2.0 beta build?

Tried all three methods (double click being the third) and 2023.1.1 or 2023.2 didn’t make a difference.

Can you PM me the file so we can take a look.

I guess someone at Siemens saw my messages, because there was just an update released and in the new version, the button produces files which import.

However, similar as to with the CAD Importer, pretty much all of the Xforms has that non-readable weird matrix which I don’t ever want to see as an end user:

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