Skipping license and lanugage input screen in Jetson Tx2 after flashing

every time I flash the Jetson Tx2 with ./ script, after competing the flashing, the board boots and it expects user input in Desktop (GUI), to enter the language, region and set password.

Can I skip this GUI input part? and access using command line ? When I access board in remote session, this GUI part is kind of disturbing. So is there any way we can skip this GUI input part?


I found this approach works well

Actually you can enter the password, and clone a image copy.
Next time, you can flash with the copied image without enter init UI.

Most of that is available in a script to run host side prior to flash. See:

The script basically contains what @richardsearle gave as steps. I tend to agree with @juns, that a clone is useful, but you have to flash once first and get the account added. If you clone a system with full updates and all of the optional packages you want, then the next flash has all of that right from the start (including account setup). Having a clone for a backup is immensely useful if you are going to do anything risking mistakes…even a filled filesystem can prevent boot and a clone takes a lot of risk away.

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Let me try that script for auto login.