[SOLVED][375.26-2] Performance drop

I cannot remember the previous driver version I was using, but since I upgraded to the 375.26 driver, my fps in games have dropped significantly. I used to get about 200+ fps in minecraft and now I get about 20 - 40 with a lot of stuttering. With the previous drivers I was able to play Deus Ex MD rather well, now it’s unplayable.

I have tested this using different desktop environments such as KDE/plasma, gnome and also no desktop environment using bspwm. My games was working perfectly and now everything looks like a slideshow.

I am running a GTX 970 on Arch Linux (latest) and install my nvidia drivers via the official repos using pacman.

Please see my bug report file.

Anyone else have issues like this ?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (265 KB)

Update, guys, I was wrong. It seems I was using the wrong game to perform my tests.

It seems that at the same time that I upgraded my nvidia drivers, openjdk also updated to version 1.8 and because minecraft uses java, that was the cause of the poor performance and NOT the new nvidia drivers.

I since installed 375.26-6 nvidia driver and it performs really well in all other games.

I also fixed minecraft and java performance by uninstalling openjdk and installing oracle jdk 1.8.

Now once again I am getting 200+fps in minecraft and all problems are solved. See image [url]https://imgur.com/tR9ka0c[/url]