[Solved] Video of Flashlight Bug in Doom 3 (dhewm3)

While playing Doom 3, I noticed during a certain part of the game, my flashlight would flicker or not work at all. I made a post about it on the dhewm3 GitHub, thinking it was just a engine bug, but they aren’t experiencing the issue. All the details about the bug are in the GitHub thread.

Here is the video thats in the GitHub issue page.

If you suspect that this is a NVIDIA driver bug, you’ll have to explain why, and provide more information.
Does this look like a regression, that is, do older releases of the NVIDIA driver not have the problem? If so, and if 378.xx is where the regression appeared, try setting __GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS=0 to see if it helps.

Try compiling dhewm3 with this option:


I have, in the past, seen badly-rendered shadows in dhewm3, without that option.

Edit: Ah, this option is added by dhewm3-carmack.patch

In my GitHub issue page I linked to, it mentions others who tried it and couldn’t reproduce the issue. They were using older drivers. I did try changing all my options, including “GL threaded optimizations”, and the flashlight was still bugged.

I will try out that compile option and see if it changes anything.

We found out what it was. It was some shadow cvars I changed that corrupted the save file. Sorry for the inconvenience.