Standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.sensor/ error in

when I run standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.sensor/

I got error

userwarning: matplotlib is currently using agg, which is a non-gui backend, so cannot show the figure.

So I tried to solve it

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

But I got another error

warning] [] 1 contexts were leaked
segmentation fault (core dumped) $python_exe “$@” $args There was an error running python

Have any solution?

Or if there is a method or sample code for displaying an image using omniverse ui rather than matplot, please let me know.

Hi @jwson3 - Can you please share the full log file?

Where can I get the full log file?

I’m trying to find the log in ./nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/Isaac-Sim/2022.2, but when running standalone, the log doesn’t seem to be created in this location. Where can I find the log file?

You can find the logfile from here as shown in the screenshot below:

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