Sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack can not update to tensorrt

Dear all:

cant use SDK manager cause custom carrier board

using the command line(in file below can only update to tensorrt 5.1.2.

any idea why this happened?

env->jetson orin nx 8GB with jetpack 5.1.2
run_Setup_sh_file_log.txt (172.2 KB)


sudo apt clean

shellcheck disable=SC2046

DIR=$(cd $(dirname “$0”) && pwd )

sudo cp $DIR/nvidia-l4t-apt-source.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt dist-upgrade -y
echo y | sudo apt install nvidia-jetpack

echo y | sudo apt-get install python3-dev
echo y | sudo apt install python3-pip
echo y | sudo -H pip3 install -U jetson-stats
echo y | sudo apt install efibootmgr

sudo apt clean

sudo reboot


The info from jtop is incorrect.
Please check the TensorRT version with below command:

$ apt show tensorrt


the issue is not related to JTOP


Please try the above command again.
Please don’t copy the $.


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