Suggestion for the GeForce Experience Application


I’ve complained about this quite a bit to myself, and recently figured it was time to make the suggestion hopefully in a venue that would be heard. One of your technical support team pointed me to this forum as the correct location to make this suggestion.

The GeForce Experience program (GFE) is an amazing addition to PC gaming and configuring games to the optimal settings for your current rig. I love it. However, it is a tad bit limited in one area, and that is in the Optimization Configuration. Like many people, I have multiple monitors, one of which is my large plasma TV, which I prefer to use for gaming, especially when there are needs for other information to be visible on my primary monitor, like a walkthrough, or a “how to” guide.

The problem is, my laptop has a 4k monitor (Native resolution: 3840x2160), but my television is a 1920x1080 HD tv, not a 4k. Now, 4k is great for the desktop, but for gaming, use of this resolution tends to reduce other settings like shadow detail, anti-aliasing, model details, particle density, etc. If I manually configure a game to use the 1920x1080 resolution (the max that my TV can support) all the other settings get jacked to Ultra. This make the games look AMAZING.

However, since my primary monitor is the laptop screen, and it’s native resolution is 4k, the GFE seems to automatically determine my desktop resolution is the resolution to set for all games’ optimization. So, after I update the NVidia drivers and GFE program, it detects that my games aren’t optimized. So I have to manually configure each game to the correct resolution for my TV. I don’t want change primary monitors, or tweak my computer for the 15 seconds just to let the GFE know the correct resolution to optimize to.

I suggest that the GFE development team add in a few “Global Settings” on the Games Setting page that would allow the users to define a “Desired Resolution” and also a “Desired Window Mode”. That’s because I prefer to run the games in Windowed Borderless mode, since dedicated Fullscreen makes some games twitchy when you Alt-Tab away from them and back to the desktop.

The options for resolution would be to “Auto-Detect” which is what the GFE is doing now, or any of the supported resolutions for the PC. That would mean that I could set one setting for the application to 1920x1080, and Windowed Borderless, and all games when optimized would default to those settings (if possible) instead of using the current desktop resolution and automatic dedicated full screen. Configuring a few games is simple, but doing this for 30+ games is rather frustrating.

I provided an image of a a quick mock up of what I mean (which I did in like 10 seconds in Visual Studio), just to illustrate the idea.
I think this would be an amazing addition to the application, since it gives the user a bit more control of the optimization process, especially for people that want to use external monitors with different resolution capabilities than their laptop/pc supports. As well, many people would want Higher detail settings than resolution. Currently it appears the GFE values resolution over everything else. I’d rather it give me the highest detail level, and reduce the resolution to achieve that.

Please consider this suggestion for modifying the GFE to provide an easier optimization process.
Jaeden “Sifo Dyas” al’Raec Ruiner