Suitable Replacement for Power Supply?

I have a Jetson TX2, and noticed in another post that the GST90A19-NVDA part from Mean Well is the exact replacement. I have not been able to procure one of these parts. I see GST90A19-P1M as a standard part from Mean Well–and the numbers look to match (including plug size). Would this work with my Jetson TX2 Development Kit?


The dev kit actually accepts a lot of different power supplies. The default is something like 19.6V. You can use much lower voltage, but I personally would stick to 12V to 19.6V. I think 19.6V is slightly more efficient than lower voltages, though this may not matter. The trick is that regulation has to be good. During boot there is a spike of current draw, and if the voltage is not stable, then the unit will just shut back off (no harm done, but also no boot). You are safe to try anything with a similar 19V to 19.6V, and if it is able to boot without shutting down (perhaps with all peripherals connected), then there won’t be any difference from the original power supply results. I suspect you’ll never know there is any difference and that this would work well, but due to power regulation quality not being in the spec, you’ll have to try to find out.

EDIT: I see both have 5.5mm x 2.5mm jacks, which means they match. Thought I’d mention that some power supplies have 5.5mm x 2.1mm jacks, and simply say “5.5mm”. Those power supplies with slightly off inner diameter may have higher contact resistance and have issues regulating due to voltage drop across the connector. The two models compared above won’t have that problem since they have matching inner diameters, but it is useful to know about for people checking out power supplies.