Support for Windows 10 May 2019 Update 1903

Hello dear Nsight Visual Studio Editon developers,

I’m wondering when the next version would be released and when the support for Windows 10 May 2019 Update 1903 would be added? Currently, after I updated my OS the “Unsupported OS detected: Windows 10 (18362)” would appear.

Thanks for your hard work.

It’s out now. Please see

Hello rbischof,

Previously I stayed with Windows Insider Preview program and the Windows OS Build version is 18362.86, Nsight Visual Studio Editon 2019.2.0.19109 doesn’t support it. And later for some other reasons, I reinstalled my Windows to version 18362.30 and still, it doesn’t work.

same issue, 2019-2 does not work

Same here on 18362.175


This issue affects the integrated graphics tools only.

Nsight Graphics 2019.3.1 (just released as an update to 2019.3.0) now supports Win10 Update 1903.
Please download this solution from

Nsight Visual Studio Edition integrated graphics tools will include this fix with its next release (coincidental with the upcoming CUDA Toolkit 10.1 Update 2)

I don’t see any 3.1 release, only 3.0.

@rbishof is there an ETA on when the next Nsight Visual Studio release will come out? I’m working with the latest 2019.2 version (Visual Studio 2019), don’t see any more updates and I’m still getting the message “visual studio nsight Unsupported OS: Windows 10 (18362)”.

desperately asking for nsight visual studio support for win 10.0.18362

Seems like the latest 2019.3 landed, and it runs now with win 10 18362 although very buggy. The in-app scrubber is working, but Visual Studio GUI doesn’t appear to refresh. Is there anywhere that I could report these bugs, or is it a known problem with the nsight team?

I’m having the same problem with 2019.3. The in-app HUD works correctly, but the visual studio part doesn’t. The panels can be activated from the menu (Extensions/Nsight/Windows) but they are empty or not refreshing.

installed the 2019.3, and then removed it.

Same problem here with 2019.3, downloaded today - all windows such as Scrubber, API inspector, etc. in VS are empty / seem to not even draw correctly.

Clicking the Shaders window from the VS menu doesn’t even seem to open anything at all…

Same problem here, all the nsight windows don’t redraw in visual studio.