surround view GMSL cameras have time delay

Hi,Nvidia Engineer guys:
Recently i found a problem whan i run the quad gmsl cameras.Sometimes they were not sync! But most time they were working fine.The things what i am confused is that single gmsl camera also had time dealy sometimes.Anybody can help me? How can i make sure working properly with out time delay happen? Help,guys!?

Dear wangxhui,
Could you please tell the noticed time delay and provide steps to reproduce it along with camera details?

the time delay is around 900ms,my camera is ov2718 and use the code of img_cap.Step just run the quad cameras in group A.BTW i use SDK4.

Dear wangxhui,

AFAIK, you already fixed "how to run 12 gmsl camrea with DriveSDK? "

Can I know if this problem has been resolved? Thanks.

Not yet,i am wondering is that cause i am not enable the --ext_sync? and sometimes the program crashed with a log like this "captureGetErrorStatus: CsimuxFrameError: stream=0 vc=1 frame=22 data=0x000000a0 SofTs= ErrTs= ".Emmmmm,the forum looks like cannot upload the pic.

Dear wangxhui,

According to the log, it seems like tegra detected more than one frame start in one frame.
These error points to that something is not correct from CSI-TX but can also happen due to wrong init sequencing of CSI interface.

Hi,SteveNV & SivaRamaKrishna:
Thanks for you guys’ help again.After i upgrade the PX2 to,I think the time delay issure is solved.And the error log issure shoud be the hardware problem.

Hi sulma0,sorry i have wrong describtion of the issure.Actually,they were not sync in my meachine.