Synchronization problem of the four GMSL cameras


I have synchronization problem of the four GMSL cameras.
Please refer to the attached sample images, log file and configuration files.

SW version :

  • DriveInstall
  • EB fw version
  • DriverWorks 0.6
  • /usr/local/driveworks-0.6/tools/recorder-qt

Other environments :

  • Storage : Local
  • Cameras : Seconix SF3323 Rev06 RCCB x 4EA(Each cables are same length and less than 10m)
  • Camera group : All cameras are attached group A on PX2
  • Main recorder tool setting up :
    • separate-thread: false
    • camera-type=ar0231-rccb-ss3323
      • output-format=h264
    • async-record=0
    • required-framerate=30
    • cross-csi-sync=1
    • camera-count=4

Test :
For the synchronization test of four cameras, I have captured the ms clock displayed on the monitor with the Driveworks recorder tool.
After than, Four H264 files are loaded by Opencv and four pairs of images with the same frame number have saved to one image after combine for checking synchronization.

Problem :
When I have checked four pairs of images with the same frame number, I found that the unsynchronization problem is slightly in most frames.
Each camera’s frames seem difference less than 33ms. Also At the log, sometimes each camera has captured under 30 FPS.
(The number below “.” at the time of the sample image means frame. That is, 1 is 33 ms.)

The manual(Page 14 at NVIDIA DRIVEWORKS, 0.6.67 Release Notes) states that you can set “cross-csi-sync = 1” for camera synchronization, but the following is mentioned:
“When set to 1, the CSI ports will be in sync (or at least differ by a very small interval)”

So is it a persistent problem with a little synchronization issues at Drive PX2?
or Do you have any solution to solve this problem?
I plan to use it as a stereo camera in the future. Does it has same issue with two cameras too?

Also, it is necessary to acquire CAN data that matches camera images.
I plan to use timestamp information of “video_time_0.txt” and “can_0.bin” for matching these datas manually.
Is there a better solution from Drive PX?

log.txt (14.9 KB) (2.29 KB)

Dear stillrunning,

We’ve posted new DPK and DW on
Could you please check this issue with new DPK and DW? Thanks.

Thank you SteveNV.
I’ll try and tell you the results.