How to shoot the image with guaranteed synchronization?

Can 4ch cameras shoot stills without frame differences?

I know that the tool in version 0.6 cannot shoot cuts for camera.

SO, use driveworks1.2 version in
board (px2 autocruise or px2 autochauffeur)
gmsl camera (SF3325-100 or SF3324-100)

Hi @ehduk,
can you please clarify your question?


Among the tools provided by driveworks, I would like to know how to synchronize 4 cameras to shoot 4 single images.

Please let me know how you can do it between version 0.6 and version 1.2.

Is using
px2 autocruise -1.2version
px2 autochauffeur - 0.6version

Hello @ehduk,

please consider looking into this topic:

The Drive platform uses gPTP to achieve time synchronization in the system. you can use the time stamp to compare between 2 images received from different camaras.

Regardless, DW v0.6 is very old, please consider moving towards the latest supported version for your platform as the latest version always includes new features and bug fixes.