Synthetic data generation with higher FPS

Synthetic data generation with higher FPS. I am trying to generate data by running the Factory mission application from Isaac SDK and I am able to see the FPS is around 15 for the default 1280x720 resolution.

The physics settings of changing the max num of steps weren’t much of help as my target FPS is 100. Earlier for the navigation carter application, I achieved the 100FPS data by reducing the resolution to 128x128.

But changing the resolution is not very much helping with the Factory mission application. Is there any other workaround to improve the FPS of the simulation other than changing the image resolution or max num steps?

I am using IsaacSim-Ubuntu-18.04-GPU-2020-10-22 Community AMI with g4dn.4xlarge. Please let me know the ideal setup for generating a higher FPS video

@subhailams Are you seeing the FPS of 15 while only running the factory mission app OR while running the factory mission app + synthetic data generation?

Also, can you clarify what GPU you are using?

I am seeing the FPS of 15 when I run the factory mission app and enable RGB sensor in synthetic data sensors. And the FPS even drops if I start synthetic data generation.

I am using NVIDIA Tesla T4 (16GB) in AWS g4dn.4xlarge

@subhailams I am curious if you are using the latest Isaac Sim (because the new version doesn’t have a way to enable RGB sensor in synthetic data sensors). You can download the latest from NVIDIA Isaac Sim | NVIDIA Developer

The system memory can also be a bottleneck and be a cause for lower FPS (as you are running both Isaac SDK and Isaac Sim apps). You can verify this by just loading the scene in Isaac Sim and check your FPS. Then you can connect to the Isaac SDK app and then check your FPS. Having a GPU with more VRAM also helps with FPS.