System freezes when setting up multiple mosaics


Is there a solution to the problem of system freezing when setting up multiple mosaics?

I want to set up a total of 14 screens with 2 mosaics.

One mosaic (7x1, HxW) is set up well. (Resolution is 7560 x 5376.)

When setting up the remaining 1 mosaic, a system freeze occurs. (Resolution is 7560 x 5376.)

Is there any way to solve the problem?

  • System environment
    Graphics card: NVIDIA RTX A4000 x 4 (total 16 DisplayPort)
    Sync card: NVIDIA Quadro SYNC II
    Graphics Driver Version: 537.99
    OS: Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

Awaiting your advise.

kind regards


Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, this is not a supported configuration. We support multiple GRIDs with MOSAIC but only one GRID can span 2 or more GPUs. In practice the 2nd GRID can only have a max of 4 displays attached. If you have 1x7 GRID spanning GPUs 1 and 2 then GPU 3 could have a 1x4 GRID etc.

I am curious how you were setting up MOSAIC. We may have an error in that the control panel and/or commandline tool are not catching this as an unsupported configuration.



Thank you for quick response.

Mosaic settings were set through the NVIDIA Control Panel (GUI).

I don’t know if it’s a Windows desktop issue or an unusual resolution.

I think it took about 1-2 hours to set up.

thank you for the reply.

The preferred method for setting up more complex configurations is to use the command line tool - Mosaic Utility Driver (

This is a command line tool, which makes it easier to script complex setups. It also has a test option which will assist in telling you if a configuration is valid or not.

For a setup with multiple grids the command line would look something like this:

configuremosaic.exe set rows=7 cols=1 res=7560,768,60 out=0,0 out=0,1 out=0,2 out=0,3 out=1,0 out=1,1 out=1,2 nextgrid rows =4 cols=1 res=7560,768,60 out=2,0 out=2,1 out=2,2 out=2,3

The out option is specifying which displays to use GPU_index,PORT_index

The configuration of two grids each of rows=7 cols=1 would still not work, but the tool should tell you it is an invalid config without hanging your system for hours.