TC358743 interface

I am working on Jetson Nano as well as Jetson Xavier NX devkit.
I am using HDMI to CSI converter TOSHIBA TC358743 module for HDMI camera input.
I connect HDMI input to module.
I connect CSI output of module to CAM0 port of Devkit.
But devkit is not recognizing the module.
Is there any guiding document on interfacing TC358743 with Jetson Nano or Xavier NX?
Please share that.

hello rusurya,

there’s driver of TC358840, you may enable this driver on both of Jetson Nano and Xavier NX series.
please see-also the driver and device tree to implement TOSHIBA TC358743, thanks

Hi Jerry,
Thanks a lot for reply.
I just gone through the many discussion on TC358743 module interface with Jetson Nano Devkit.
But most cases they had used 2GB version Devkit, I am using 4GB version Devkit so it has two CAM (CSI) ports.
I just want to know in 2GB version of Nano devkit which CSI lane is used for CAM interface.
CSI 0 or CSI 2.

hello rusurya,

please see Camera Module Hardware Design Guide for reference, thanks

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