tegra rcm reboot command doesn't work

$ sudo ./tegrarcm --reboot coldboot --instance /dev/bus/usb/001/021
Failure to recognize USB device located at /dev/bus/usb/001/021
USB communication failed.Check if device is in recovery
$ lsusb | grep NVidia
Bus 001 Device 021: ID 0955:7721 NVidia Corp.
$ ls /dev/bus/usb/001/
001  002  003  004  021

I am trying to automate some producntion required stuff, I am unable to get the system rebooted back into ubuntu

hello hari_seenivasan,

would like to have more details about your environment, setup, and steps.
also, why you use tegrarcm to perform the reboot procedure?

For the infrastructure we have for production, we would like to get into a device’s revcovery mode write an OS cloned image and reboot back to tegra ubuntu.

This needs to be automated with a script in such a way that it would sense a relevent usb device attached and do its job.

say script would do following assuming tegra device is attached in non-recovery mode at /001/021

  1. sudo ./tegrarcm --reboot recovery --instance /dev/bus/usb/001/021
  2. sudo ./tegraflash.py --bl cboot.bin --applet nvtboot_recovery.bin --chip 0x21 --cmd “write APP cloned_system.img”
  3. sudo ./tegrarcm --reboot coldboot --instance /dev/bus/usb/001/021

I am currently unable to perform steps 1 & 3. Otherwise please suggest alternatives.

hello hari_seenivasan,

would like to check the first step, what’s the scenario of your device?
did these device boot-up with default OS and you would like to flash your own?
will below commands helps?

sudo reboot --force forced-recovery

Hi @JerryChang

The command you gave me is from device, but I want to use it from a USB connected host.

hello hari_seenivasan,

did your device have chance to connected with ehternet?
these can be done by SSH, please check below example.

ssh nvidia@ "sudo -S reboot --force forced-recovery"

Device is not connected to ethernet or any network.

Btw this is to address the problem of flashing multiple devices connected to a host via USB at once.

Is there a way to trigger this from host and nothing from device atall?
Also what is a solution to my step 3?

hello hari_seenivasan,

current Jetson devices cannot be forced into recovery mode from the host.
suggest to design access to the power/reset/recovery pins on your custom baseboard (either the product board, or the custom baseboard use for flashing), and toggle those pins (power, reset, recovery) prior to flashing.