tegra_sinterface and csi-port for 4-lane CSI camera


I am developing a driver for CSI camera. The hardware is TX1 with J120, and the software is L4T 28.2. The number of lanes for the camera is 4.

I know that TX1 can support up to six 2-lane camera. In this case, there are camera a, camera b, camera c, camera d, camera e, camera f. The CSI port are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

For 4-lane camera, what is the name of each camera and CSI port? The names in Table 49 and Figure 26 of “OEM PRODUCT DESIGN GUIDE - NVIDIA Jetson TX1” are not consistent.

We use J120. So the CSI connector is CSI-EF (J14). I know the related pins of TX1 is F22, F23, H20, H21, G21, G22, C22, C23 etc.

My question is: how to set the values of tegra_sinterface and csi-port in the device tree?


tegra_sinterface is the camera ,a ,b ,c ,d ,e and f

As a 4-lane CSI camera, the camera uses both camera e and camera f. Do I set tegra_sinterface to serial_e or serial_f?

Set the first one AKA serial_e

For the value of csi-port, set it to 0x4?

right the csi-port is 4 for serial_e.