Tegra186-cam-rtcpu bc00000.rtcpu: alert:Camera RTCPU gone bad! restoring it immediately!

Hello, after the shipment of our self-developed carrier board, we found that kernel.log has been increasing. After opening it, we can see the error shown in the following figure.

  • What could be the cause of this error? What is RTCPU?

Our carrier board is a custom imx219 camera, this error, is it related to this?

What’s the Jetosn module of your product?
Which JetPack SW?

It’s NVCSI/VI firmware. Does the camera still working?

The product module is agx orin jetpack 5.1.1.

I do not use the camera function for this batch of products, so I do not know whether this error will affect the use of the camera. But he would cause the kernel.log to get bigger and bigger, and my system would crash when it was full.

I would like to know why this error was reported, and if some customers use cameras in bulk in the future, will there be any impact?

Did you have any device tree modification?

Because it is a self-developed carrier board, a lot of adaptations have been made, among which the camera-related is to match the imx219 camera, the adaptation of the device tree, and the reference orin nx.

Does the original dtb able working on your device?
If yes check if the default dtb.


The boxes with problems are the ones that have been shipped in batches, and the mirrors cannot be repainted. Besides, this problem is random and not easy to reproduce. Could you please help analyze the cause and locate the problem according to the problem prompt in the first picture?

Looks like the RTCPU hang and trigger watch dog.
You can check below driver.


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