Tensoflow 1.4 for CUDA

I am trying to install tensorflow. I did successful configuration with CUDA 8.0 and cudnn 5. However, when I tried to build, I got the following error for cudnn:

In member function ‘cudnnStatus_t perftools::gputools::cuda::wrap::WrapperShim__cudnnSetRNNDescriptor_v6::operator()(perftools::gputools::cuda::CUDAExecutor*, Args …)’:
tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/cuda_dnn.cc:140:30: error: ‘::cudnnSetRNNDescriptor_v6’ has not been declared
cudnnStatus_t retval = ::__name(args…); \

After this, my compilation terminated.

Hi Malik,

Support for compilation of TensorFlow outside our NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) containers - in which it’s already built so that you don’t have to! - is beyond the scope of this forum.

You should check or our pre-built binaries; sign up at ngc.nvidia.com.