TensorFlow-GPU Jetson AGX Orin

I’m working with Jetson AGX Orin with CUDA 11.4 and JetPack 5.1. I’m trying to follow Installing TensorFlow for Jetson Platform - NVIDIA Docs to install tensorflow-gpu 2.12 version but it shows the below error
“ERROR: No matching distribution found for tensorflow==2.12.0+nv23.04”.


Sorry that the v2.12.0+nv23.04 package is missing on the download page.
We are checking this with our internal team.

For now, please try it with version 2.11.0+nv23.03 instead.

$ sudo pip3 install --extra-index-url https://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/redist/jp/v51 tensorflow==2.11.0+nv23.03


Thank you. It worked. But is there a way to check if the code uses the TF-CPU or TF-GPU? I have checked that its installed for the GPU but then FPS for videos using TF is very slow using the device.


You can get the information from device placement.

Or you can monitor the GPU utilization with tegrastats directly:

$ sudo tegrastats


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