Tesla C2050/2070 cooling are there options for watercooling to cut noise

What I need to know is if the C2050/2070 have a physical similarity to Geforce reference boards.

Unfortunately my systems are in a fairly warm environment and I happen to work very close and the sound of the fans drive bother me. The fan seems to throttle in a very sensitive and immediate manner, as if the speed reacts to load, not temperature. Even then the temperature is in the high 80’s Celsius on idle, probably due to being cramped together.

I took apart the top cover of one C2070, but only the plastic covering. I did not remove the actual fan-heatsink module so I do not know what the naked board looks like underneath. The specs look like something in between a GTX 470 and 480 with low clocks but that doesn’t say much.

Obviously the existing waterblocks are made for Geforce but if they fit then it would solve the noise issue for me.

I’m in a bad situation because nobody else is likely to have this problem because their machines are either vendor designed with M modules and inside a frigid room far from the user. Too bad I cannot do this, not without a S2050 and a very long pcie umbilical. In retrospect an S rack would have made better choice than all this fiddling.