TESLA D870 and PCIe x8 where can I get the interface

I got TESLA D870. I have Dell Prec 690 with the graphics raiser and 2 Quadro 4500 that I need for display.

I want to connect the D870 to my computer through PCIe x8 and I need PCIe x8 interface. However, there is no way I can buy anywhere the NVIDIA optional interface. By default I have only PCI x16 interface that came with the TESLA.

I tried custumer support, nvidia store, PNY. Noone knows about it (manuf. part #) and how to order. NVIDIA claims in the manual that this is optional piece of hardware.
Please help - anyone. Where can I get ?

The part number for the PCI-E x8 host interface card for D870 is 930-10338-0000-000

Please ask PNY for this part.