Tesla P40 on Proxmox/Windows 2022 Passthrough drivers crash

Last week, we have received our server, a Dell 7525 with 2 nvidia Tesla P40.
I have installed Proxmox and created one VM with Windows 2022 EVAL. I got no trouble to install it.
I have started the 90 days trial of the nVidia vApps licence and installed a DLS instance.
I have configured one Tesla P40 as PCI passthrough device to the Windows 2022 VM, the card are visible in the device manager of Windows.
I have downloaded the latest GRID drivers version 551.78, but seem that nvidia removed Tesla P40 support in them.
So I have downloaded the version before, 538.48, and installed without issue.

When I go in the nvidia panel, I see the menu to enter license portal IP and port, but there are greyed-out.

Also, When I start the VM, the drivers nvlddmkm always crash in loop with event ID 4101
Error occurred on GPUID: 100
Except the video, the VM is work normally (ping, file share, …), when I try to connect with RemoteDesktop, I got a blank screen, but the mouse react to the start menu.
Or I got a blank screen followed by and error message and RemoteDesktop disconnect.

If I reboot/restart the VM, the nvlddmkm drivers start normally, I can connect to RemoteDesktop as usual.
If a stop the VM, I generally need to reboot.

Thank you for our help.

Under Windows 2022, nvidia grid drivers from 474.82 to 537.13 work whitout issue.

Drivers 537.70 or newer doesn’t work